At DJ Financial Services, Inc. (DJFS) we offer Insurance and Retirement Solutions to help provide the peace of mind that it takes to live longer, happier and healthier lives. We are committed to the communities in which our clients, agents and managers live and work.

Founded in 2007 DJFS recognized the need to offer Best- in-Class products for almost every insurance need, in order to earn the trust of our customers and associates. We have achieved this by partnering with top rated insurance companies, each having their own areas of expertise. This allows us to always offer the most competitive pricing and/or plan design available in each product line, putting our clients and associates first.

This is a relationship business! One of the few businesses where people still make house calls and work with the same person for decades or the same agencies for generations. Insurance is a great business and it is our pleasure to work with the hard-working, small business people who are insurance agents.

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